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Formspider enables you to build Web 2.0 applications you can only dream in Oracle Apex

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Formspider Oracle Apex
Programming Formspider’s only programming language is PL/SQL. No Java, Javascript or any other programming language is needed. PL/SQL and Javascript. A lot of Javascript if you want to build Web 2.0 applications.
Output Modern Web 2.0 applications that run 100% AJAX out of the box. Old fashioned Web 1.0 pages. Requires a lot of Javascript and plumbing to build full Web 2.0 application.
Transaction Management Formspider gives you complete transaction control. Commit your changes or revert them to any state whenever you want. No transaction layer.
Version Control Formspider integrates with Git seamlessly. Good luck.
Master-Detail Screens Formspider makes it very easy to implement three or more level master detail screens Virtually impossible to build a multi level master detail screen.
Cross Browser Support Formspider applications run in every major browser . Cross browser compatibility is Formspider’s responsibility, not yours. With your first line of HTML or Javascript in Apex, cross browser support becomes your responsibility.
Technology Formspider applications are not client side technology dependant . Formspider applications start using new UI technologies by just upgrading the framework. Web pages built by Apex are extremely dependent on HTML and Javascript. Upgrading legacy technology is your responsibility.
Best Practices Formspider Javascript and middle tier libraries implement the best security and performance practices. Every Formspider application enjoys the benefits of these libraries automatically. You have to learn, implement, test and maintain the best practices for security and performance in each application you build over and over again.
Paradigm Developers work in the application development paradigm. They don’t worry about HTML tags. The word “page” does not even exist in Formspider vocabulary. 90’s style web page paradigm. Developers work with low level HTML tags such as < div > all the time.
Refactoring Formspider has reporting capabilities on UI object dependencies which makes refactoring a breeze. It even helps you refactoring. Very difficult.
IDE Formspider has a first class modern IDE Very strange, thousand screen development tool. Unlike any other modern IDE.